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How to earn Hypixel Skyblock Coins and what to spend them on

If you’re unsure what Skyblock coins are, what they’re for, or just want a detailed description of what Hypixel Skyblock is all about, then this information thread is for you. Skyblock is a game on the Hypixel Minecraft server. Many players regard it as the best game on the server. It’s also the most popular game on Hypixel. Hypixel Skyblock is quite unique and unlike other “Skyblock” Minecraft servers. Hypixel’s Skyblock is entirely custom-developed without using pre-made Skyblock plugins. The gameplay is vastly different from other Skyblock servers in several big ways. Firstly, less emphasis is put on the development of your island. Making your Skyblock island look nice may be fun, but it’s not a huge part of the game. Many players progress through the game without really touching the way their island looks at all. Hypixel Skyblock is not exactly an MMORPG, because while there are quests and missions, they are few and far between, quests are a very small part of the game. There are tons of fun things to do in Hypixel Skyblock, you can create your own goals, play dungeons, defeat bosses, get the best armor and weapons in the game, level your skills up, participate in Skyblock events, join a Skyblock-focused Hypixel guild, you won’t get bored any time soon. Hypixel Skyblock’s economy is revolved around coins. Coins are the main currency in the game, and something you can buy with instant delivery from us. The developers created this in-game currency, Hypixel SkyBlock Coins, as well as multiple ways of earning, spending, and exchanging coins. Hypixel Skyblock coins are the equivalent of gold in any other game you might play. Skyblock Coins are typically spent to purchase armor, swords, bows, items, pets, talismans, enchantment books and much more on the auction house, bazaar, and NPC merchants. You may also buy minions using coins by trading them to someone offering to sell the minion(s) you want. If you’re new to Hypixel Skyblock, you may not know the game has a fully functional instant transaction marketplace, called the Bazaar. The Bazaar is a marketplace where players can create sell orders, buy orders, or instantly sell or buy items. The Bazaar can be accessed in the hub next to the Bank and Auction house by clicking on the NPC named, “Bazaar.” This economic tool, the bazaar, can only be accessed if you have at minimum level 7 in the following skill categories: Foraging, Farming, and Mining. Getting level 7 in these skills is very easy though. However if you cannot access the bazaar yet due to lacking the required skills, all players can access the Auction house, which is located left of the hub spawnpoint. Players have their coins displayed on the right side of the screen, (in the scoreboard.) If a player does not have the piggy bank talisman, the coins in their scoreboard will be displayed as “purse.” If the player does have a piggy bank, coins are displayed as “piggy.” Some precautions are smartly taken by the game developers in order to keep the Skyblock economy in check, and prevent the possibility of hyperinflation. These include money sinks which are designed to remove enough coins from circulation, and money injectors such as free coins from mayors, which “create” or pump money into the game to ensure that the economy doesn’t stagnate. The prices of items in the game, like swords, bows, armor, pets, and virtually every item in the game, apart from ones sold/bought by NPC merchants, are heavily influenced by supply and demand of those items, and tend to fluctuate based on that. Hypixel Skyblock offers many different ways of making or earning coins; some of them are very time-consuming, grindy, unpleasant, while some are fully-automated and will make you Hypixel SkyBlock Coins passively over time. The following are some examples:  

Auction House & Bazaar Flipping – or sometimes referred to as just, “flipping,” is very straight forward and easy to understand but requires a bit of money to start with to invest in your flips and may take some time to pay off. You may even lose coins if you get a bit unlucky or make a wrong calculation. It’s a fairly risky money making method in Skyblock but may be worth it to you. The idea is to buy items from the auction house that you think are underpriced, and then re-sell it at a higher price to generate profit. To flip, you have to do some initial research into what an item is worth on average, determine what a “cheap” one of those items sells for, then calculate what you think you can easily re-sell it for without having to re-auction it, also taking all fees into account. Technically you can also flip items on the bazaar but that typically returns smaller profit margins, although may be quicker depending on demand of the item(s) you’re flipping. Vast majority of the time, high demand items are hard to get in big quantities, but they tend to have better margins. A quick step by step guide to auction flip; you find an item that you can make a profit margin on, you bid/BIN it if it’s in the auction house, or post a buy offer for it as best order +0.1 if you’re flipping a bazaar item, after someone fills that order, or you win the auction, you re-auction it for a higher, but reasonable price so it actually sells, or if the item is on the bazaar, post a sell order for the same asset, as best order -0.1. If it’s a bazaar item, from this point you have 2 options; be proactive or passive. If you perhaps don’t have a ton of time and decide to stay passive, you just flip several items simultaneously a few times a day. Doing this will allow you to make some Hypixel SkyBlock Coins by investing very little time. If you want to make a profit in rapid succession, you will have to be proactive in selling the item on the bazaar. Being proactive will require you to cancel the sell order and recreate it over and over again until it gets fulfilled by someone buying it. Doing this will guarantee that your sell order is on top of the list with priority to be sold. So that way if another player instant buys the same asset that you’re selling, it will buy/fulfill your order specifically since you’re forcing your asset to have the best price constantly. Being proactive in bazaar flipping works best during Skyblock’s most active hours with the most players online. In summary, flipping, whether AH flipping or bazaar flipping, is a really good, but sometimes risky, sometimes time-consuming way of making coins in Hypixel Skyblock.

Auction house Hypixel Skyblock

Mining and Farming – When most people think of ways to make money in Skyblock, mining or farming is typically what first comes to peoples’ minds. Setting up a farm or stripmine or going out and mining or farming in one of the public islands is one of the best things you can do to make money in Hypixel Skyblock. There are pros and cons to using this money making method. To make a mine or farm, but especially a farm to be cost-effective it has to be very large. It’s ideal to make it as big as the island border limits and 2 or even 3 layers high. After spending the time building all of that, harvesting crops from a farm can take a lot of time and can get boring very quickly. It also takes learning to farm in the most efficient way with the best tools. There are several guides you can find online on how to set up any particular type of farm in Hypixel SkyBlock, so we’re not going to delve into that. However, the following are a few examples of crops that yield some of the most profit.

  • The first farm we’re going to discuss, and probably the most popular (for good reason,) are Sugarcane farms. It has one giant, unique advantage over all crops; it can grow up to 3 blocks high, which allows a player farming the crop to fill up their inventory with very fast. The biggest problem with sugar farming in Skyblock is that its price has dropped over time on the bazaar, because of how profitable it is. You might as well sell the sugar you farm to a merchant, which still makes for a healthy profit, it’s just not as amazing as it used to be. It’s still arguably the best farm for making coins in Hypixel Skyblock. A nice perk of farming sugar is that you’ll also increase your farming skill drastically. 
  • Next up is Nether Wart. One Nether Wart sells for exactly 3 Coins in the Alchemist Shop in hub. To farm nether wart as effectively as possible, you’ll need to get your hands on a maxed-out Nether Wart Hoe, which will maximize yield per crop harvested. You’ll also want to wear an armor set which offers a speed boost, such as Young Dragon armor. With everything optimized, elephant pet, max farming level, and best harvesting flow, and with a speed perk armor set, you can make about 5 million Hypixel SkyBlock Coins per hour. That’s the highest profit on an hourly basis, again, with all equipment optimized. The Nether Wart Pouch which will make planting nether wart signifcantly faster, enabling you to plant an entire row with just a single right-click. Just be sure you have enough nether wart in your storage so you can plant it. The biggest downside of Nether wart farming is that you won’t get farming exp, instead, it gives you alchemy experience. But, maybe that’s something you want, so it’s not necessarily a bad thing. – If you’re not exclusively looking for Hypixel SkyBlock Coins, but also farming exp, then a sugarcane farm is what you need. 
  • A third example are Pumpkin farms. A highly optimized pumpkin farm, should make you at least 1.5 million Skyblock Coins every hour. Farming pumpkins in Skyblock is also amazing for farming EXP (up to 640k/hour.) However, like with most farms, to achieve this sort of exp/coins on an hourly basis requires optimizing your equipment and farming in an optimal methodical fashion. Even still, farming Pumpkins generates the most farming exp per hour out of all farms, making it ideal for improving your farming skill (and still make a hefty profit.) In conclusion with regards to mining and farming, there are a lot of ways to make money, it’s just about choosing the best.

Minion Farms – These are bots that you can craft and place on your island which will generate resources 24/7, even when you’re offline. They continue to work as long as they have inventory space. Minions are specialized in making only a single resource per minion. And they require a 5×5 area to function. You can improve your minions’ production by upgrading them, giving them fuel, and items such as compactors and storage to make them more efficient. You can even give minions a budget hopper, which will automatically sell the resources they generate, at a reduced price. That may not be worth it for you if you have the time to collect them manually and sell the resources at full price to the merchants in hub. Making a highly effective Minion farm can also entail building very creative traps and placing blocks around them strategically, to maximize production. Setting up Minions in this way, with the most optimal items can get pricey. But, if they’re set up good, Minions will be sure to generate millions of Hypixel SkyBlock Coins for you every single day. All you have to do is make sure they have fuel, and collect them when it’s needed. The best Minions typically are the ones that generate resources valuable to merchants. An example of this are Clay Minions. Clay minions are rather cheap, and easy to set up. Enchanted Clay also has a great sale price to merchants, making compactors a good item to give to these minions. Snow Minions are also good in that they are slightly more profitable than Clay minions, but snow minions require a larger investment to set up. Starting the game new you’ll only have 5 minion slots. You can upgrade that limit to a max of 25, by crafting unique minions. There are 600 unique minions in total that you’d have to craft in order to unlock all 25 minion slots. If farming or AH/Bazaar flipping doesn’t appeal to you, investing a little bit of time in optimizing your minions for profit is probably ideal for you.

Tarantula Minion Farm

Bank Interest – Storing your Hypixel Skyblock Coins in the Bank is the best place to keep them. Not only does it keep your coins safe, seeing as how you lose half of the coins in your purse whenever you die in Skyblock, you also earn interest on it. Interest on the coins in your bank is pushed out to all players every in-game season, which is exactly 31 hours long in real-time. Similar to most things in Hypixel SkyBlock, your Bank can be upgraded to increase its interest, arguably the best source of passive coin generation. The maximum interest you can receive prior to any bank upgrade is 250k coins. After upgrading to Premier Account, you’ll get 500k Hypixel SkyBlock Coins every 31 hours. Upgrading your Skyblock Bank Account also raises the total amount of coins you can keep in it, up to 1 billion coins. Upgrading your bank should be seen as a long-term investment. The sooner you do it, the faster it will pay for the cost of doing it in the first place.

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