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New Boost and Carry Services Now Available for Hypixel Skyblock

Boost your levels in Skyblock or get carried in slayers.

One of the main goals in Skyblock is to complete Slayer Quests, which involve killing mobs of a specific type to spawn a strong boss, then slaying that boss. Completing these quests grants Slayer XP, which unlocks rarer and more valuable drops from the boss, and more powerful items to use against the boss, and eventually in general.

If you’re struggling to complete Slayer Quests in Skyblock, offers boosting and carrying services to level up your account in slayer quests, and unlock those rare drops. We offer services for minion slot boosting, wolf slayers, and spider slayer quest boosting, and we also accept custom orders. Your account doesn’t need to meet any criteria or skill requirement in order to purchase any of our boost services, except possibly in the case of certain custom orders!

To get started on a Slayer Quest, talk to Maddox the Slayer underneath the Tavern at Compass, near the Lumberjack and Graveyard. Boss quests require coins to start, depending on the tier of the boss. Once a quest is started, the specified amount of Combat XP must be earned from killing the corresponding mob type. In Tier III and higher quests, there is a chance to spawn a Slayer mini-boss per Combat XP earned, which grants higher amounts of Combat XP. When the amount is reached, the boss spawns at the location of the last mob killed.

Maddox the Slayer location

Slayer Bosses are bosses of that Slayer’s type. They each have unique abilities, and higher tiers have stronger abilities. These abilities, along with the boss’s health and damage per second, can be viewed in Maddox’s GUI. Slayer bosses must be defeated within a certain time after spawning; if the boss is not defeated when the time runs out, the boss will disappear and the quest will fail. They also cannot be within the vicinity of the Village, as the same result will occur.

After fighting a boss, the token drop is always guaranteed, with other drops on a separate drop table, and rare items and runes on yet another drop table. Therefore, it is possible, albeit unlikely, to get 3 different drops from a single slayer boss at higher tiers.

Each successful quest completion awards Slayer XP, which increases the player’s slayer level for that boss. Slayer levels give permanent stat boosts as well as unlocking Slayer item recipes (view unlocked recipes by clicking the book while viewing a specific Slayer).

From level 5 to 9, it’s the same between all different slayer mobs. Level 5 is 5k XP. Level 6 is 20k XP. Level 7 is 100k XP. Level 8 is 400k XP. Level 9 is 1M XP. offers boosting services up to level 7 when it comes to slayers.

XP required for each slayer quest in Hypixel Skyblock

In addition to Slayer Quests, we also offer minion slot boosting services. Minions are NPCs that produce items while placed on a player’s private island. Each minion will generate and harvest resources within a 5×5 area. The resource generated varies by minion type. Minions can be upgraded in order to increase their speed and carrying capacity, to a maximum craftable tier of 11

Each Minion has a unique crafting recipe that players must obtain before they can place them in a Minion slot. Once a Minion is placed in a slot, it will automatically start performing its designated task and will collect resources that can be used by the player.

Minions require a specific recipes to be crafted. These recipes typically involve a combination of resources that can be obtained from different sources in the game, such as crafting materials and items dropped by mobs. Some Minion recipes may also require specific items or resources that can only be obtained through special events or by completing certain quests.

Menu in Hypixel Skyblock showing all your unique crafted minions, and total minion slots.

In terms of total slots, the number of Minion slots a player can have is limited and increases as they progress through the game. Players can purchase additional Minion slots using in-game currency or by completing certain quests. The total number of Minion slots a player can have is 29. We offer acquiring up to 25 minion slots on your account. You can check out all the total minion slot boost services we offer here.

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